Sewing Machine

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MX3200/ MX5200
Safety Stitch Machines/ Overedgers

Increase quality with an oil-blocking effect that has never seen before. These features minimize trouble during sewing and help you achieve high quality on your products.

  • Max. Speed: 8.000rpm
  • Stitch Length: 0.6mm - 5.0mm
  • Overedge Width: 1.5mm -6.0 mm
  • Presser Foot Life: Up to 7mm
  • Differential Feed Ratio: 1:0.7 - 1:2.4
2 or 3-Needle, Flatbed, Interlock Stitch Machines

Producing beautiful stitches. These machines are equipped with a new type of thread take-up mechanism.

Includes various innovations to allow for high quality products.The needle bar is enclosed in the cover, which prevent oil splashes.A special seal is employed under the needle and the presser bars to totally prevent oil leakage. In addition, a special-material O ring for the oil reservoir also stops oil leakage.

  • No of Needles: 2 - 3
  • No of Threads: 3 - 5
  • Needle Space:
    2-needle machines (3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 5.6, 6.4mm)
    3-needle machines ( 5.6, 6.4mm)
  • Stitch Length : Max 4.4mm
  • Differential Feed Ratio : 1:0.5 - 1:1.3
  • Presser Foot Lift : Max 6.3mm
  • Machine Speed: Max 6000rpm
  • Application: Plain seaming, Attaching tape, Attaching elastic lace
Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machines

With top cover thread for hemming bottoms of tubular goods, with fabric trimmer, pneumatic hemming guide, top cover thread trimmer and underbed thread trimmer.

Cylinder Bed Interlock Stitch Machines

With top cover thread for plain seaming.

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